Bread and Dates Pan Cake Recipe

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Pan cake with a combination of bread, Egg and Dates makes it delicious and favorite for adult and children equally. We are not using Maida, Baking powder etc while preparing this cake which makes this cake healthy  for all. Preparation is simply and quick. Presence of egg and dates makes it nutrition rich snack.

  1. Bread: 5 Slice
  2. Egg: 4
  3. Dates: 3/4 cup (chopped into small pieces)
  4. Sugar : 3-4 tbs
  5. Vanilla essence: 1-2 drops
  6. Ghee: 2 tbs
Method of preparation
  • Roast chopped dates in ghee for few minutes.
  • Mix bread slices,egg,sugar and essence using a mixer grinder.
  • Heat a pan and add some ghee on it.
  • Pour half of the mixture and allow it to cook for 3-4 minutes.
  • Then spread the dates all  over it .
  • Pour the remaining mixture over it.
  • Cook it for sometime and allow to cook  the other side also .
Delicious and sweet snack bread dates pan cake is ready. Try it and enjoy its taste.