Pineapple sooffle or Pineapple Fresh Cream Pudding Recipes

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Pineapple Fresh cream pudding is simple delicious and mouthwatering dessert which will be favorite for every sweet lovers. It looks like custard but tastes more than that. Fresh cream pudding can be made with fruits like Pineapple ,Mango. It can also be done with dry fruits or a mixture of fruits, dry fruits and jelly crystals. If the things are available in our home, we can prepare it easily as it requires only few minutes. If unexpected guests arrives our home, it can be easily prepared.
Pineapple sooffle or Pineapple Fresh Cream Pudding Recipes

Ingredients Required
  2. FRESH CREAM : 200 ML
  4. CASHEWS: 25 G
Method of Preparation
  • Cut the Pineapple into small pieces.
  • Cook the pine apple pieces in sugar. Cook till the water dries off. Allow it to cool
  • Prepare jelly by mixing it with half cup hot water and then with half cup cold water. Keep aside for cooling.
  • We can use any flavor of jelly which suits the fruit we are using for pudding.We can also avoid the use of jelly.
  • Pour fresh cream in a bowl  and mix milkmaid with a spoon according to our sweet consistency .We can also use mixer grinder or beater for mixing process.
  • Add cooked pineapple pieces ,cashews, jelly pieces into it and mix well.
  • Pineapple fresh cream pudding is ready.
NOTE: If we are using carrot, grate it and cook it in ghee and sugar for few minutes. No need of cooking if we are using any other fruits like mango and all. Just cut into small pieces and directly mix with the fresh cream-milkmaid mixture. You can also use different flavored 2 or 3 jelly to make colorful.

Delicious Pineapple Fresh Cream pudding is ready. Try it at your home and enjoy its taste.