Oreo Milk Shake Recipe

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Oreo is one of the favorite among biscuits. A shake with oreo will be more delicious and creamy. It is a taste combination of oreo biscuits, milk , cream and condensed milk . Its simple and tastes different.
  1. Oreo biscuit: 10-12
  2. Milk : 1/2 l ( frozen)
  3. Thick or fresh cream: 1 cup
  4. Condensed milk: 1/4 tin

  • Crush the frozen milk. We use frozen milk as it gives thickness and more taste for shake.
  • In a juicer, add crushed milk, 10 oreo biscuits, thick cream, condensed milk  and prepare shake.
  • Add more condensed milk or sugar if required.
  • Crush the remaining biscuits and spread over the shake while serving, it gives crunchy taste to shake.

Delicious and crunchy oreo shake is ready. Try to enjoy its taste.