Sapota / Chikku Pudding

10:01:00 AM Shebin Abdul Kader 0 Comments

Sapota or chikku are delicious seasonal fruits available in our house garden. It has several health benefits too. Desserts or any other dish prepared it is yummy and mouth-watering which everyone loves. Here comes a pudding recipe with chikku, it is very simple and are with few ingredients too.

Sapota / Chikku Pudding


  1. Sapota / Chikku: 1/2-1 kg
  2. Milk: 1/2 L
  3. China grass: 8 g
  4. Condensed milk: 1/2-1 tin
  5. Cashew: 50 g
  6. Sugar: 2-3 tbs

  • Soak china grass in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes and melt it in low flame.
  • Boil milk and condensed milk in a thick-bottomed pan.
  • When it reaches boiling point, add melted china grass and mix well.
  • Cook till china grass combines with milk completely by continuous stirring in low flame and turn off the flame.
  • peel off the chikku and crush it or convert it into pulp. Or you can crush half and pulp the remaining.
  • Mix these with the prepared milk-china grass mixture, pour it to a pudding tray and allow it to set.
  • Dry roast cashew pieces for 1 minute and mix sugar with it.
  • When sugar melts and coats to cashew pieces , turn of the flame.
  • You can use whole roasted cashew pieces for garnishing the pudding or just give a crush and use.
Yummy mouth-watering Chikku/ Sapota Pudding are ready. Chill it and serve.