Vancho Cake

Vancho cake is awesome combination of chocolate and vanilla cake  topped with white and dark chocolate ganache. A wonderful combination cake that everyone especially our little cuties loves which we can prepare easily to thrill them.

  1. Vanilla cake: 1
  2. Chocolate cake: 1
  3. Whipping cream: 1-2 cup( depends upon size of our cake)
  4. Condensed milk: 1/2 tin
  5. Fresh cream: 3 cup
  6. White cooking chocolate: 60 g
  7. Dark cooking chocolate: 100 g
  8. Sugar syrup: 1cup( boil 1/2 cup sugar in 1 cup water)
  •  As we used to keep whipping cream in freezer, just keep it outside to remove the solid form or till it completely turns in liquid firm. Donot keep more time as we need chilled cream to beat..
  • Now beat the whipping cream from low speed(2or3) and gradually increase the speed and beat till forms stiff peaks. You can check it by inverting the bowl. The perfect whipped cream will stay stiff, will not fall. 
  • Add condensed milk and beat it to get combined.
  • Cut each cake into 2 or 3 layers of equal size.
  • Place 1 layer of vanilla cake on a tray and make a thick whipped cream layer over it. Take care while spreading not to touch cake which will lead to mix up the cake powder with cream.
  • Now place a layer of chocolate cake and again top it with whipped cream.
  • Repeat the step for all layers.
  • Here I used 2 layers of vanilla cake and a layer of chocolate cake.
  • Now cover all over the cake with whipped cream gradually and uniformly.
  • Frequently clean the tray and spatula to remove extra crumbs.
  • Take care not to mixup the cake crumbs with whipped cream which will destroy the finishing of cake
  • Now freeze it for atleast 2 hours. Otherwise while we pour chocolate ganache, the edges will get broken.
  • Meanwhile we can prepare chocolate ganache
  • Heat 1 cup of fresh cream and pour over the chopped white chocolate in a bowl.
  • Allow the chocolate to melt and combine.
  • Allow it to cool by stirring in intervals to avoid layer formation.
  • Again heat 2 cup fresh cream, pour over dark chocolate shavings and allow it to melt. It takes more time than white chocolate. You can also use hand blender to combine it.
  • Allow it to cool by occasional stirring.
  • Take a large plate or tray and place a bowl in middle in inverted position ( a stand for keeping cake)
  • Take out the cake after 2 hours and place on the stand in the plate.
  • You can either use dark or white chocolate ganache more.
  • Here I have uSed dark chocolate ganache more and decorated with white chocolate ganache.
  • You can also  use white chocolate ganache more and decorated with dark chocolate ganache. Then you take more white chocolate than dark chocolate.

  • Now refrigerate for 1-2 hours( no need of freezing) to set.
Awesome Vancho Cake is ready, cut and serve chilled.