Fruit Roll Ups

Fruit Roll Ups are lovely dried snacks prepared with our favorite fruit pulp. Its sweet healthy snack , almost all kids or even adults will love. If you have lots of  ripened fruit, try this yummy simple recipe. Here i tried with our lovely jack-fruit, as its jack-fruit season and have lots of it. You can use any fruit like mango , kiwi,or anything.

    1. Fruit Pulp: 1 cup(i used jack-fruit, just blend it to get pulp)
    2. Sugar: 1/4 cup( if fruit is too sour, then add little more)
    3. Lemon juice: 1 tsp
  • Add puree in a non stick pan along with sugar and lemon juice and stir cook in medium flame for 5-8 minutes or till the water content reduces and it turns sticky. Avoid addition of lemon juice if the fruit we are using is already too sour.
  • Grease a tray and transfer the above mixture to it.
  • Spread evenly throughout the tray to get thin uniform sheet after drying up.
  • Place the tray in strong sunlight for 2-3 days. or till it turns unsticky while touching.
  • As it is hot summer season , it needs only 2 days to dry up.
  • Mark 3-4  parallel lines, and roll each piece.
Yummy Fruit Roll Ups are ready. Try and enjoy the lovely bites.